Trauma Center: Second Opinion

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Publication Date: 06/08/2022
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Player's Review

Set in a near future where medical science can cure previously incurable diseases, the story follows young surgeon Derek Stiles as he uses his mystical "Healing Touch" to treat a new disease dubbed GUILT. Second Opinion expands on the original narrative through the perspective of Naomi Kimishima, another doctor with the Healing Touch. Gameplay combines surgical simulation with a story told as a visual novel, with operations and control options reworked for the Wii hardware.

This game is actually a remake/re-telling of the first game in the series that was released for the DS, with the main difference being a completely reworked Chapter 6 in this one that is set AFTER the events in the DS original, as well as an exclusive Chapter Z (Naomi's plot) and two ways of completing the X missions.

This playthrough was done on Hard difficulty in order to make the operations more interesting and also to show a few XS ranks on the way, though the objective here is not to 'perfect' every single operation but rather to thoroughly show the nice story this game has. I have to be honest, I played both this version and the DS original and the controls are easier here, since you don't always have to do (for example) precise cuts or sutures to get a Cool as long as it's done at a slightly faster speed. Maybe not much with a real Wiimote because I used Dolphin and its emulated Wiimote interaction with the mouse to record this.

Some personal notes here:
1. About the near-death moment at Chapter 2-9: I initially thought the three huge wounds couldn't be sutured until the big Kyriaki is killed, but then discovered somewhere at Chapter 5 that it's actually possible so vitals won't drop down very fast. Yeah, first-time playthrough mistake but I was REALLY lucky to resurrect the patient.
2. Chapter 5-6 can be completed without letting the Paraskevi to reach the patient's heart, but decided to show every place it appears (and some dialogue as well). Wink
3. You might think I'm taking more than normal to complete Chapter 5-9. Well, the purpose is to show how hard dealing with Savato is, especially if played on the same difficulty as in this longplay. But hey, I got a nice bunch of points by lasering the larva babies, eh?

As for the X missions I play both Derek and Naomi sides, even though the only difference is the dialogue line shown depending on the character.