Croc 2

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System: PlayStation
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Publication Date: 23/11/2022
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Player's Review

The night before the events of the game, Professor Gobbo is putting the finishing touches on a plane he was working on and then went on retire for the night. As he walks in the jungle, he witnessed a chanting coming from an area, then he sees the Dantinis chanting and dancing backing away while raising Baron Dante. Professor Gobbos tried to run but he was surrounded by the Dantinis and got kidnapped. The following mourning, Croc, King Rufus, and a few Gobbos playing volleyball in the Gobbos Archipelago until Croc received a message coming from Croc's family somewhere in Mainland. King Rufus gives Croc permission to go on another adventure to travel to Mainland and find his long lost parents.

All Golden Gobbos and Jigsaw Puzzle pieces collected for 100% game completion.