The Island of Lost Hope

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Author(s): IronclawIronclaw
System: Amiga 500
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Publication Date: 29/11/2022
YouTube Release: 31/12/2030
Duration: 00:21:07
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Player's Review

As there exist no longplay of this game with the ending, I felt it was time to do it. There's a very good reason why no video shows the ending, it's broken in like all versions. YouTube only seem to have one playthrough of this game, which is by me 15 years ago (on my other YT channel that got banned because I upped 2 Family Guy clips... yeah, YouTube was worse then, didn't take much, had more subscribers then too).

I always use ipf version when possible (not cracked, unmodified version of the disk(s)), unless it's a game on many disks and it loads a lot, then I install it to HD if possible (without WHDLoad), if not possible I use WHDLoad as last resort (the reason I prefer adf/ipf over WHDLoad is because WHDLoad is sensitive to savestates and other stuff, I often run into problems when using it).

So, in this case I used .ipf, got to the end, and there's an outro but has broken graphics. It asks for disk one before the outro loads, so I tried different cracked versions and also different version numbers (and different settings in the emulator, like chipset, cycle-exact on/off, floppy speeds, which I didn't think would make a difference anyway as everything else looked fine), like v1.0, v1.01, v1.1. All v1.0 were broken, all v1.01 were broken. I even tried saving the game (couldn't with the one I used as it's ipf, they can apparently not have write-protection removed, so saved to an adf version) and put the saves on other versions and loaded the saves with those versions of the disks so no game file at all was used from the one I played (except the save file) to the end with, but they of course still had the broken outro.

Now there was only v1.1 left, which was the WHDLoad version, did the same there, took the save file and put it with the game and loaded it, and it worked, it loaded the ending without errors... BUT, I'm not sure if it's the actual ending. The one that I got from the floppy versions had moving parts and sound, but the WHDLoad version only showed a static image. Maybe they couldn't find a non-broken version or fix it, so they made their own ending. I read the WHDLoad notes of the installer and it didn't mention anything about that, couldn't even find anything mentioned over at "English Amiga Board" (and other places I looked). Anyway, here's what the broken ending looks like: (lol, "topic"Wink

Also, I took a quick look at the game files for the floppy version and compared it to the ones in the WHDLoad version, looks identical, same amount of files and file sizes. So if they did make their own outro, maybe they matched the size (sometimes there are reasons to do so).