Wipeout XL

Wipeout XL, developed by Psygnosis and published by SCEA in 1996. Also known as Wipeout 2097 in EU/UK regions,

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Publication Date: 25/03/2023
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Player's Review

"Anti-gravity racing that's light years ahead of the pack! The original scorched the game world and became an instant classic. Fast- forward now to a brutal new generation of anti gravity racing. Loaded with faster. smoother graphics, more tracks, more crafts, and a range of nasty new weaponry. Wipeout XL will give you the rush of your life."

Sequel to the original PlayStation launch title, Wipeout. This is the US release. The original Wpeout was a good game and was a system seller at launch as it was so different to anything we had been playing on our 16bit machines prior. While it was a good game, it wasn't a great game due to its difficulty and controlling the craft. This sequel fixed all those issues to bring us an awesome game in the Wipeout series. The first game might be best remembered for its banging soundtrack and its no different here.

Game progression is straight forward. Complete each of the 3 speed tiers to unlock the first Championship. Completing this will unlock Phantom Speed. Then gold the 2 new tracks at phantom speed before finally playing the piranha challenge which contains all tracks at phantom speeds. Completing this unlocks the piranha ship which I show off in one last race at the end of the video.

I play mostly in chase view as I find the game nearly unplayable in bumper view although I do switch between the modes occasionally to show off the speeds and affect on the view. I switch through the different craft at each race to show them being played.

One notable difference between the US and Eu game is that for whatever reason, the Credits don't auto roll when completing the game. You have to wait in attract mode for them to be shown. I use this opportunity to enable the Animal crafts cheat to have them shown in the credit roll.

Exerpt from Retrogamer (152) Wo2097 article :- "The title was WipEout 2097 in Europe because we didn’t want to imply it was a full sequel. It was WipEout XL in the US because – apologies to all US citizens – someone at Psygnosis [was] determined that the US audience wouldn’t understand the idea of 100 years in the future in the title and would question where the previous 2096 games were. The original proposed title for the US was WipEout XS – Excess – but I pointed out that this could be interpreted as ‘extra small’ and thus wasn’t ideal!”

00:00:00 Intro and Arcade mode , 6 tracks (3 speeds)
00:21:55 Challenge 1 (Phantom)
00:41:20 Arcade Mode , 2 tracks (phantom speed)
00:50:20 Challenge 2 (Piranha)
01:18:20 Show off Piranha Ship