Another Code: Two Memories

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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: DS
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Publication Date: 03/06/2023
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Player's Review

Released in the US as Trace Memory. A direct sequel for the Wii named 'Another Code: R' was localized for Europe but not for North American regions, probably because of the poor sales of this game in the west. Not to mention the US version also suffered from an altered script that replaces all references to 'Another' with 'Trace', even though the plot remains unchanged from a visual point of view.

The plot is about a young girl named Ashley who has to find out what happened to her mother when she was very little, but that for some reason she suffered from amnesia so she along with a ghost named 'D' has to explore a mansion where some family known as the Edwards lived in. As the game's story goes on, both start to recover their memories until they reach to the point they remember everything, not going into much detail because of spoilers though.

This is a very interesting point-and-click adventure title where exploration is the strongest key to successfully progress through the story, since there are specific items that have to be examined thoroughly for certain actions and cutscenes to trigger. The player can make use of the 'photograph' feature to make some puzzles easier to solve or to trigger a few easter eggs such as the one in Chapter 4 which is shown in the video, during the conversation with the man in the lounge. There are two endings depending on how much stuff you have examined, checking everything on the way through rewards you with some extra cutscenes near the end, a happier ending and (if it's the second completion) the chance to get a secret message.

This longplay shows the entire main thing with good ending included, along with the bad ending and the few changes when you play the game again on a completed save, including the secret message.

0:00:00 - Intro

0:01:33 - Prologue
0:05:15 - Chapter 1: The Meeting with D
0:59:27 - Chapter 2: The House of Lawrence
1:46:49 - Chapter 3: The Memory of Franny
2:19:32 - Chapter 4: The Reunion with the Father
2:50:06 - Chapter 5: The Second Another
3:53:48 - Chapter 6: The Memory of the Right Hand
4:36:53 - Epilogue: The Miracle of the Blue Moon
4:48:37 - Credits

4:53:04 - Bad ending (if D missed out on any memory)
5:02:17 - Second loop changes/extras