StarFighters, developed by Ascii corp and published by Laserdisc in 1984.

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Publication Date: 18/09/2023
YouTube Release: 31/12/2031
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Player's Review

Google translation from back cover..
"A huge fear has begun to move... All-out counterattack against the computer crisis!!
Humanity has expanded its sphere of influence to outer space and continues to prosper. However, due to differences in ideology, a conflict broke out between the United Planetary Government and the Procyon Federation, dividing the universe into two...
The conflict led to an arms race, with both sides focusing their efforts on developing deterrent weapons. As a result, the Planetary Integration Force succeeded in developing the terrifying ultimate weapon 'Orpheus' which can destroy the sun from within and annihilate the star system itself. Orpheus is a gigantic unmanned fortress that has a perfect internal computer system and navigates through space under its control. He caught the existence of "Orpheus" just before it was completed.
Procyon side will complete it.
Unable to stop him, he sent a commando unit and launched a surprise attack on Orpheus. Orpheus' central part was damaged, and his purpose on the Proki's side was achieved, but Orpheus's supercomputer was damaged and it began to operate without being able to control it. Orpheus's target was the origin of galactic coordinates, and he was in the solar system...
His backup system, which was created with the worst-case scenario in mind, also runs into trouble, leaving him with no way to control the Orpheus he created himself.
A computer crisis has occurred on a cosmic scale! In order to confront the fear of humanity's extinction, the Planetary Integrated Force has ordered the Starfighters to sortie.

Select the difficulty level of the game on the screen and the battle begins.
■Invade the enemy artificial planet while destroying enemy fighters and reach the core field through the maze-like interior space.
■Use a robot to repair the crazy computer in the center of the core field.
■You will be assigned a rank of 25 depending on your score."

From the back of the cover with some great screenshots you are setup for what looks to be a great fmv game. The game opens with good presentation but then the first level loads and that's the end of the fmv for a while which could leave you disappointed.

In the first level, we have to find the Orphe and destroy fighters between us and it. Its possible to leave your fleet behind and just use you carrier, but on difficulty five, its best to soften up the enemy fighters first else youl likely be destroyed. It can take a while to move the fleet dragging the level out especially if you have to to searching for it. Be sure to note down the Login and Password provided at the end of the stage.

Reaching Orphe, its back to the fmv. Level 2 is pretty much just a shoot and survive stage. Level 3 is a maze. Four doors lead to the different direction with dead ends indicating where you cant go, where you have already been. The enemy ships are more deadly than the tunnels as you can barely see them as the contrast against the background.

In Level 4, you come to a door which requires unlocking through four locks. Each lock with sound three notes and you have to match them up. This is probably where the game will end for many unless you have a really good ear for notes and there place on the keyboard. If you input sequence wrong then it will give out a new set of notes, not helpful. Do this four times to reach the login screen where you need to enter the details given earlier.

The final stage requires fixing a computer part. First disable the Alarm else many enemies will come to destroy the infection! Then you need to find the damaged parts by taking tiles to the tester at top of screen. Once you have found one which is repairable there others seem to be close by. Then its a case of putting those repaired tiles in the bottom row (for reasons unknown) by first moving the bottom tiles into the current empty slots. Win.

Overall not the greatest game with plenty to put you off playing but really well presented overall with great fmv animations from the time. Not sure what I could have done different for a number 1 score (700?) apart from making sure no lives are lost but I don't expect anything different to happen. Bad ending for failing final stage and game over at the end of the video.

00:00:00 Loading / Attract Mode
00:04:34 Level 1
00:27:18 Level 2
00:31:25 Level 3
00:37:45 Level 4
00:43:42 Level 5
00:52:45 Bad Ending