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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: PlayStation
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Publication Date: 21/11/2023
YouTube Release: 31/12/2032
Duration: 01:31:56
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Player's Review

Plot: 'While working as a reporter, Barbie discovers an ancient mirror in a local museum which is missing 4 pieces, and which when completed will have its power unlocked. She decides to find these pieces by setting off on an adventure around the world to find these 4 treasures. These locations include Tibet, Egypt, Africa (all accessible from the start) and the final unlockable area, Babylon. Each of these locations has three levels, concluding with a boss.'

This is one of those 'commercial' games where the sole purpose is to promote the franchise, as everything else tends to range from very regular to mediocre or even terrible in some cases. Gameplay seems to be lifted from Tomb Raider, combined with Crash Bandicoot but... ugh... poorly executed (there is a M&M's game on the PS1 that also suffered from this issue). The VR Training mode tells you all the basics to play, should've put it before the main mode but well, it's still there, though after credits.

Now with the collectibles part: your reward for doing 100% of this quest is, you've guessed, absolutely nothing, and this video demonstrates it. Not even a small trophy like in the Crash Bandicoot games. Add to that the fact controls are somewhat erratic and most of the times you end up stuck at the sides of your road for brief periods of time.

The game is presented in 4:3 aspect ratio for FMVs and 512x480 for the rest. Because of this, I've attached a secondary encode that shows everything in 4:3 aspect ratio thanks to the powers of editing tools.

0:00:00 - Start
0:00:41 - Prologue

African Jungle
0:03:33 - Deepest Rain Forest
0:09:26 - Native Village
0:14:58 - The Lost City
0:21:44 - Python Alley

0:22:55 - Mountain Trail
0:29:12 - Mountain High
0:33:57 - Temple City
0:40:25 - Yeti Pass

0:41:34 - The Desert
0:46:31 - Valley of the Kings
0:51:06 - The Great Pyramid
0:56:25 - Croc River

0:57:49 - River Approach
1:05:40 - Garden Walls
1:13:19 - The Tower
1:21:15 - Flytrap Run

1:22:20 - Ending & Credits
1:26:05 - VR Training