Extreme Go-Kart Racing

Extreme Go-Kart Racing, developed by Agetec and published by Now Production in 2003. Also known as 'Kart Race Kimete wa Drift!' in the Japanese region released in the year 2000.

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Publication Date: 11/02/2024
YouTube Release: 31/12/2034
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Player's Review

"Compete against six go-kart racers from out of this world to determine who the best driver is. Grab turbo capsules to stay ahead of the pack, Avoid a myriad of obstacles set in place to thwart even the savviest of drivers, Power-slide around tight hairpin turns to set new record times. Seven different race courses-from the Paved Oval to the Frozen Arctic! Twelve go-kart drivers each with their own unique go-kart and racing style! Three modes of play including:- Grand Prix, Time Attack and Two-Player Versus! , Grab turbo capsules and overtake the competition!, Drift technique mastering is just a button press away!"

A Karting games clearly inspired by the liked of Mario kat / Crash Team Racing and the likes but with all the good bits taken out and developed on a shoe string budget. Overall though, the presentation is not bad and it looks the part but just doesnt play right. Hopefully released at a budget friendly price as its quite a short game. Loading times are probably the games weakest point.

Pickups are multicoloured Turbo containers with each colour giving a different amount of boost. There are no weapon pickups and running into an opponent is enough to stop them in their tracks. You can drift around corners but it is an odd mechanic that takes some getting used to as letting go at the wrong time can get you in trouble. Trackside collision detection can be really annoying as just being near it can be enough to stop you dead. There are no alternate or rear viewpoins

There is only one Grand Prix and whist you can select a kart from multiple different racers, there are no character specific endings. Completing the Grand prix also unlocks all remaining kart racers. When you start the Grand Prix, An antagonist is selected and will be on you the entire time. The other racers you will pass one by one and not see again but the chosen one will be ready to zoom past you anytime you make a mistake, not always easy to catch up with and sure to win if you don't.

The longplay takes is through the GP mode unlocking all the characters as we go before finally winning and rolling the credits. Whist there was no real need to I follow this up with a second play using one of the unlocked characters.

00:00:00 Titles
00:02:05 Grand Prix - Race Day
00:05:05 Grand Prix - Precipice Battle
00:08:20 Grand Prix - North Pole Adventure
00:11:40 Grand Prix - Pirate Attack
00:15:20 Grand Prix - Desert Escape
00:19:05 Grand Prix - Underwater Exploits
00:23:00 Grand Prix - Deep Space
00:31:55 Grand Prix - Race Day
00:34:45 Grand Prix - Precipice Battle
00:37:49 Grand Prix - North Pole Adventure
00:40:40 Grand Prix - Pirate Attack
00:43:28 Grand Prix - Desert Escape
00:46:20 Grand Prix - Underwater Exploits
00:49:36 Grand Prix - Deep Space