3D Classics: TwinBee

3D Classics - TwinBee, Original Arcade game by Konami 1985. 3DS conversion by Arika and published by Nintendo in 2011. Exclusive to the Nintendo eShop.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: 3DS
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Publication Date: 21/02/2024
YouTube Release: 31/12/2034
Duration: 00:38:06
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Player's Review

"Enjoy classic games in a new dimension with the 3D Classics range, remastered with immersive 3D visuals! 3D Classics TwinBee brings the arcade classic "cute 'em up" bang up to date in 3D!

At the helm of the TwinBee fighter craft, you must defend Donburi Island against King Spice’s minions. Take aim at flying foes and drop bombs on enemies below. A clever power-up system grants different bonuses by shooting Bells to change their colour. So tune-up your TwinBee and shoot for a high score!"

The game appears to be a conversion of the Nes game released in 1986. With only five levels, it is quite short but then becomes an endless score attack as the levels loop from the start with slightly higher difficulty resulting in more attack waves.

In the longplay I play through the game twice with the aim of reaching 10000000 point for no reason at all other than it seemed a nice round number to end on. The gameplay is fairly simple. Shoot enemy waves, collect bells for points or shoot them for different powerup options. You can take a single hit which will destroy your hands and bombing ability although an ambulance will appear to repair you, but once per life. Bombing the turrets give chance for extra lives and triple shot ability(candy).

Overall, its an ok conversion and doesnt really do anything special over the original game. Like Xevious, you get a sense of depth in 3D mode but it doesnt add to the gameplay. I'm not sure if the game wasn't bugging out towards the end as bells would not appear from some clouds. The game uses rapid fire and can be annoying as it makes it difficult to juggle the bells and powerups you want as they get shot up and off the screen and no option for a slower fire rate.

00:00:00 Level 1
00:02:50 Level 2
00:05:45 Level 3
00:08:45 Level 4
00:11:45 Level 5
00:17:00 Level 1
00:19:45 Level 2
00:22:42 Level 3
00:25:50 Level 4
00:29:05 Level 5
00:34:12 Level 1
00:37:00 Credits