Desert Storm: Nightmare Snaps Soul (Unlicensed)

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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: Nintendo Entertainment System / Family Computer
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Additional Info: Unlicensed
Publication Date: 08/04/2024
YouTube Release: 31/12/2034
Duration: 00:14:07
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Player's Review

Early version of Desert Storm, another Contra bootleg from Waixing (remember that they also did Super Contra 7 which plays pretty much the same). The only notable difference is the usage of swastikas at the first stage, which were replaced by a logo that resembles the sun, as well as an early 'galaxy' company logo right at the start that was quickly replaced by their alien mascot for their other games from 1996.

00:00 - Start
00:21 - Stage 1
03:10 - Stage 2
06:50 - Stage 3
09:20 - Stage 4
13:22 - Ending & Game Over