Emily the Strange: Strangerous

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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: DS
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Publication Date: 18/05/2024
YouTube Release: 31/12/2034
Duration: 01:46:40
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Player's Review

This obscure game can be described in one word which is in the title itself: strange.

You follow some girl in a little black dress named Emily who has to rescue her four cats that were kidnapped by another girl who's all dressed in pink, and also defeat that girl to recover her 'all-black' world. Each cat has their own mystic power: Mystery can tell clues on where to go next, Miles can fight against rabbits, Sabbath can dig holes for tre... err, hints and NeeChee is able to find hidden bombs for defusing.

The game features 72 different puzzles in total, 67 of which are accessible normally and five of them require running the game on a Nintendo DSi, yes it's a pointless requirement for just a few stuff though luckily you can save afterwards so they can be played on a regular NDS. Another DSi-exclusive feature is the sketch factory where you make customized 'zonsters' and share them with your friends and people around the world via Wi-Fi. This feature is not shown however since it's considered a filler.

During the longplay there are some moments where I check out the diary. It keeps a log of what Emily has done, though it can only store six of these logs at a time, pushing off older logs as you progress through.

0:00:00 - Start
0:00:49 - Prologue
0:01:22 - Emily's Room (tutorial)
0:10:32 - Garden
0:14:37 - Funfair
0:26:51 - Haunted House (rescuing Mystery)
0:30:20 - Twisted Room
0:36:34 - Twisted Garden (rescuing Miles)
0:45:50 - Haunted School (rescuing Sabbath)
1:00:12 - Emily's Room/Garden (swimsuit)
1:05:32 - Seashore (rescuing NeeChee)
1:11:55 - Ghost Ship
1:13:59 - Coral Reef (1/2)
1:16:49 - Bomb Defusing mission
1:28:24 - Coral Reef (2/2)
1:31:13 - Getting the bunny's suit
1:33:30 - To Sugarland
1:35:03 - Sugarland & Cloud Castle
1:41:51 - Ending & Credits

1:44:03 - DSi-exclusive minigames