Sheep in Space

Sheep in Space, developed by Jeff Minter and published by llamasoft in 1984.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64
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Publication Date: 18/05/2024
YouTube Release: 31/12/2034
Duration: 01:06:40
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Player's Review

"Objective: Kill all Hostiles by firing glowing BONIOS OF DOOM at them. Prevent destruction of your planet system by destroying energy-stealing Hostiles flying low over planet surfaces. Prevent build-up of charge at the Planet Buster. If you get hungry, land in a field to nosh but don't over eat!
Control your sheep with joystick. Sheep flies fast between planets and slowly over the surfaces. Bonios of Doom are attracted by planet surfaces. Sheep's little legs point down towards planet surface for landing. IF YOU SEE NO ALIENS, PRESS THE SPACE BAR FOR WARP TO HOSTILE SECTOR!"

The back of the box gives you a run down of what you need to do making the game appear super exciting and prepare you to art with your cash! The game is a weird shootemup with some depth that may not be immediately apparent. The game has you flying over the planet with you being able to land on either side of it. You move fastest in the centre (space?) and slow down as you approach the land. Each level as a kill count you need to meet before moving onto the next level. The enemies will be working to fill a charge counter on each side of the planet. if they both reach five, then the planet goes boom! You then get one last fight to beat the level by destroying all the enemies. If you fail then you have to play the level over again.

In the game you have an energy meter represented by how hungry you are. When it gets low you should find land and feed to restore your energy but don't over indulge else you will explode! You also have shield which can be used to absorb enemy fire or crash into enemies to destroy them. feeding will also slowly restore your shields. In order to beat the level quick, focus should be on the carriers that move at the extreme top and bottom of the screen. if they are flashing, they have collected the an energy cell to power the planet killer. The enemies in the centre are there to slow you down but do still need to be handled, just not as urgently. Time is energy in this game and if your find yourself in empty space you can use a warp (DJump) to send you to a random enemy.

Control is awkward to say the least as you fight momentum and it doesnt help that enemy shots kind of move around with you making them sometimes hard to avoid and you can only fire one shot at a time so if you miss, you have to wait for the previous shot to leave the screen. According to the manual the game has 48 levels with no more unique enemies after level 21. I have recorded up to level 25 and there really is nothing more to see. Like other llamasoft games, I expect it to just loop after the final level.