Top Gear Overdrive

Top gear Overdrive, developed by Snowblind Studios and published by Kemco in 1998.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Nintendo 64
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Publication Date: 08/06/2024
YouTube Release: 31/12/2034
Duration: 02:01:03
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Player's Review

"TOPGEAR Overdrive
Oh, yeah. This baby's got it all. 10 wild cars. 5 white-knuckle tracks. A beautifully giddy selection of wicked hair-pin turns, roller coaster hills and secret, shifty shortcuts. Plus: 6 full vocal BGM tunes. Challenging Mirror Racing Mode. The world's worst weather conditions. And: IT'S OKAY TO CHEAT. Once you get ahead you stay ahead by forcing the competition into interactive objects like traffic cones and road signs. Waaay cool. The one and only Top Gear Overdrive. Don't get mad. Get evil."

After Top Gear Rally from Boss Game Studios comes an Arcade racer from Snowblind Studios. This is a fast and pretty hectic game requiring some quick thinking to locate and utilise shortcuts to beat the cars in front. Whilst the game starts of slow it quickly becomes manic as you get to the faster cars as it becomes impossible to steer and you just grind the rails to victory. All the cars are very twitchy requiring only the minute of movements on the analogue stick.

The game only has six tracks which are fairly short and five of them are replayed over and over across six seasons with slightly different conditions, reverse, mirror, weather. Whilst racing you can pick up extra money and nitro boosts as long as the car in front didn't nab them. The sixth track is the final track of season six and can only be played by beating season six and not available in versus mode. The game moves along very quickly as every race is only three laps and over before you know it. A quick car screen later and its right back into the racing.

The longplay goes through all six seasons trying as many cars as I can depending on cost and usefulness. After completing the game, three bonus cars are unlocked. (Wiener, Nintendo Power and N64). When using a bonus car you are locked in for that season. Replaying through season six with a bonus car unlocks the last two bonus cars (Taco, Donkey cart). I show the remaining bonus cars in a quick one lap race in Versus mode.

I don't know if it an emulation issue or not, but the speed gets so crazy and uncontrollable that the races get silly. Thankfully the opponent cars have just as much trouble controlling their speed and crashing into walls.

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:20 Championship Season 1
00:13:02 Championship Season 2
00:27:02 Championship Season 3
00:42:14 Championship Season 4
00:59:29 Championship Season 5
01:17:32 Championship Season 6
01:35:26 Credits
01:38:10 Championship Season 6 with Bonus Car
01:56:21 Versus mode 1lap with Bonus car
01:57:36 Versus mode 1lap with Bonus car
01:58:44 Versus mode 1lap with Bonus car
01:59:55 Versus mode 1lap with Bonus car