Off Road Challenge

Off Road Challenge, arcade conversion developed by Avalanche software and published by Midway Entertainment in 1998.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Nintendo 64
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Publication Date: 19/06/2024
YouTube Release: 31/12/2034
Duration: 01:21:42
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Player's Review

"Strap yourself in and get ready to ride! Players battle the elements and each other in a race that takes them across 6 rugged courses including the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas and Pike's Peak! Choose Circuit Mode and climb your way to the top of the Heap!"

Conversion of Midways Arcade game released in 1997. Not much to say for this one. It's the arcade game at home. The longplay goes through the championship mode consisting of four rounds made up from an initial six tracks to and unlocked nine tracks. Each round is progressively more difficult requiring a higher finishing position to continue. Completing each round displays instructions for unlocking tracks for play in other modes. Completing the fourth round rolls the credits and you are done.

At the start you get to choose from eight different vehicles each with different stats that will either help or hinder you on your journey to becoming champion of the world. I set the game to hard just in case an unlock was tied to it and arcade ai was enabled. Difficulty settings doesnt really change much but you have to play on at least normal for the tracks to unlock. Normal AI was to annoying moving like a train you cant reach the front of. Arcade ai keeps the racers near you at all times just waiting for you to make a mistake and will happily steal the win from you in the final second.

Gameplay is far more frustrating than fun especially in later rounds. The other racers are on rails and just fly around the track, crashing into everything yet always able to pull ahead. After each round you can spend winning and money collected during the race on vehicle upgrades. It seems no matter what you do, the other racers will always be faster and I believe the upgrades start to ware off over time. Collecting nitro's is super important, you cant win without them and in many ways it probably better to buy nitrous than vehicle upgrades and pretty much a requirement at end game. The final rounds took more than a few retries as it just got so unfair. if you wait to long to boost every racer catches up to you and no amount of nitrous will get you across the line in time.

Overall, it's very much an arcade racer and makes no concessions for the being played on a home console. It controls well enough though and doesnt feel over sensitive like some other n64 racing games. The music is completely drowned out at default settings so we don't get to hear much of that and it doesnt look bad overall and looks to be a stepping stone towards Hydro Thunder.

00:00:00 Attract Mode
00:01:18 Round 1 (Rookie)
00:18:30 Round 2 (Novice)
00:36:50 Round 3 (Pro)
00:57:25 Round 4 (Master)
01:19:25 Credits