Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf

Desert Strike original game by Electronic Arts. Lynx conversion by Teque London and published by Telegames in 1993.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Atari Lynx
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Publication Date: 14/10/2014
YouTube Release: 12/07/2023
Duration: 01:55:25
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Player's Review

"You must annihilate a ruthless tyrant's military arsenal. Tear into his air force and smoke his private yacht as you battle over land, air and sea in over 20 fiery missions using all the force you can to establish superiority. The president has chosen you to fly a series of dangerous pre-emptive campaigns in the desert to vanquish this tyrant."

This is a very interesting conversion. In only 256k, pretty much the entire game has been squeezed in and everything is instantly recognisable from its bigger 16bit counterparts. Even with such a tiny resolution, it remains recognisable and playable. It's missing an Intro but I guess that can be forgiven. I was a little disappointed there was no music for the end screen. If you continue after the end, the game loops onto the final campaign.

00:00:00 Mission 1
00:22:40 Mission 2
00:51:00 Mission 3
01:24:50 Mission 4