Wipeout 3 - Special Edition

Wipeout 3 SE, Developed by Psygnosis and published exclusively in EU/UK by SCEE in the year 2000.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: PlayStation
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Publication Date: 01/04/2023
YouTube Release: 31/12/2026
Duration: 06:06:56
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Player's Review


3rd or 4th Wipeout game on the PlayStation 1 depending on how you see it. The game was released only in Europe and is essentially a bug fixed version of Wipeout 3 but also with the inclusion of 8 more tracks based on the original Wipeout and its sequel. Compared to the originals, the Artwork / assets have been completely redesigned and the new look is carried on through the rest of the series.

This one is annoying to longplay as it has a lot of modes. I have recorded the Arcade/Single race mode in both the Classic and Wipeout3 league. I have also recorded a full run of tournament mode in both leagues and finish up the longplay showing the 6 Prototype tracks.

I have shown the minimum needed to complete Single race modes in both leagues. This requires unlocking every track and using all craft in all 8 Speed tiers for a total of 64 races :S The real kicker is that you have to complete 6 Speed classes to unlock all 6 prototype tracks, so that's 64 races per tier x6 = 384 races which is just to damn much to show in a longplay. So at the end I show the cheat used to unlock those tracks and show them off with replays.

To aid in unlocking everything I had to play each craft one by one so pretty much I use the same craft for each track every time. All the crafts handle and control differently so constantly switching between them doesn't help me in any way so quite often the craft will do something to me unexpected and make me crash. This game also adds a full cockpit view which I try to show at various points in the longplay, usually during the final lap of each race. Its a very hard view to play in.

The game uses the PlayStation 512x256 Hi-Res gfx mode and has been doubled to 512x512. You may want to set your video player to 16:9 aspect to get a better representation of the game. NEW: A Secondary download has been added with an aspect corrected representation of the game.

Single race mode - Both leagues.
00:00:00 Vector Class - Classic league
00:25:10 Vector Class - Wipeout 3 league
00:46:15 Venom Class - Wipeout 3 league
01:10:15 Venom Class - Classic league
01:34:45 Rapier Class - Classic league
02:01:20 Rapier Class - Wipeout 3 league
02:27:00 Phantom Class - Wipeout 3 league
02:56:00 Phantom Class - Classic league
03:25:50 Classic league Tournament
04:28:17 Wipeout 3 league Tournament
05:26:50 6 Prototype Tracks.
06:04:26 Credits

Completing phantom class in each league presents a very short and somehow unrewarding completion animation. That's my biggest problem with the whole game really. So much to do and grind away at but in the end there is no pay off, no ending movies or even a well done. The credits don't auto roll at the end of a mode and are instead part of the attract mode.

The Tournament consists of two leagues with all 4 speed classes. 4 tracks for the first 3 and phantom requiring all 8 tracks be played, 20 races in total. No ending animation or unlocks...disappointing.

Following the tournament, I use a cheat to unlock the 6 prototype tracks. Normally you would have to complete 6 speed tiers in Single Race mode (384 races) to unlock these. Wipeout 3 had 4 proto tracks but the special edition also includes 2 tracks from the Japanese version of Wipeout 3

After completing the prototype tracks, I end the video with the games credits. But the game is far from over as there are also the challenge modes for both leagues. I have had enough of the game now and do not want to record these, maybe in the future I will add them as an additional part. These modes are pretty much the same as included in the game Wipeout 64. Not like there will be anything new to see, just the same old tracks with different rules.