Final Fantasy VIII

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Author(s): RickyCRickyC
System: PlayStation
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Publication Date: 01/02/2016
YouTube Release: 31/12/2025
Duration: 25:28:36
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Player's Review

Replacement video for my previous FFVIII video. Now with high quality visuals and in sync sound.

This game has so much detail that i find new things even on this run. I complete most of the major side quests including shumi village, Pupu, CC card group (but I do not collect all the cards) and teh chocobo forests.

The parts of the video I cut include when I draw 100 spells from an enemy (I will draw a few before it skips to when i have finished), when I am playing cards (if i'm farming for common cards I will cut it out to only show one game), when I am leveling up AP (near the start when i'm filling fish to learn card mod and much later when fighting cactuar's to learn the rest of my abilities) and when I am leveling up my characters near the end on the island closest to hell (you'll see my level just shoot up after the fight few fights i show).

Disc 1
Timber: 04:08:51
Galbadia Garden: 06:08:52

Disc 2: 08:05:43
FH: 11:20:12
Shumi village quest part 1: 12:48:33
Centra ruins (odin and tonberry quests): 13:28:27
Winhill Quest: 13:51:44
Shumi village quest part 2: 14:05:55
Shumi village quest part 3: 14:41:42
Balamb occupation: 14:49:36
Garden Battle: 15:49:39

Disc 3: 16:49:07
Space: 18:49:03
Battleship island part 1: 20:46:40
Battleship island part 2: 21:23:18
Pupu: 21:57:28
Chocobo forests: 22:09:31

Disc 4: 23:13:51
Omega Weapon: 24:30:00