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Author(s): RickyCRickyC
System: PlayStation
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Additional Info: No information available
Publication Date: 27/08/2010
YouTube Release: Banned
Duration: 09:32:13
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Player's Review

100 Prosperity points run. Played a few times but never recruited all digimon before.

Surprsing fun game, better on the first run when you don't know what you're doing. In this video I cut out 2 things, One is the 2nd time I trade 99 med recoveries to the snow guy since it takes awhile, the other times is when I wait with penguinmon for a few days for him to digivolve.

Use a lot of save states on the training equipment. However the bonus rounds are broken anyway. The game makes it so most times it's impossible to line up 3 slots, specially golden poos. The last reel will screw you over and skip ahead when you try to stop. Some games you can line them up often other games, like this time, its quite rare to be able to do so. When I completed the main story and come back later I could line them up 100%. I used save states to see if I could lock the 3 in place and if not then just do normal training.

First digimon I raise wasn't the best in terms of happiness. Was trying to go for 90% discipline as a bonus requirement for a greymon evolution. Second digimon seemed to be fine without trying.

Had trouble with the framerate since the fmv ran at 30 and the game at 17 while setting it to 25fps for pal. The fmv looks very choppy while game isn't as bad.

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