Touge King the Spirits 2

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System: Saturn
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Publication Date: 27/02/2018
YouTube Release: 04/11/2021
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Player's Review

Touge King of Spirits 2, developed by Cave and published by Atlus the game was released only in Japan for the Sega Saturn in 1997.

A much better game than the first and possibly one of the best looking racing games on the Saturn. They even implemented the brake lights missing from the previous game. The game is fast and that soon becomes a problem as the courses are tiny and mostly all corners. Again I fail to master the drifting mechanic and stick to playing with a high grip approach. The ai drivers will again leave you for dust given the chance however they do crash a little bit in this game giving you a chance to take over. You don't lose much speed in this game when hitting the sides and neither does the ai so once you do get ahead it becomes important to block the ai driver where possible.

Progression is rather simple. There are 4 courses to battle through and once you beat the final rival you win the game with an actual credit roll this time!!!! (even though I cant read it..) Right off the bat, each car can be tuned and its characteristics changed to suit your driving style. I switch between forward and reverse course direction between each race to try and give some variety for each race. On each course you will find 4 rivals. Which rival you face is determined by weather conditions so you should make a note of what conditions you set and which rival you met. When you beat the rival you win there car so you may need to race a particular rival to win there car giving you the performance needed to face one of the others. The forth course is tricky as you need to face off against 3 rivals (without winning there cars, 2 of which you have from previous races before the final boss car is reachable. Win the boss car and the credits roll!

But wait there are still 2 more cars to unlock. In order to get these you need to beat the three rivals on Course D again and face off against a new boss car. Win this one and the credits will roll again. This unlocks the last 2 cars. The game is complete now but I show the Type-S super car off in a final race against the Type-S. Afterwards I show off the unlocked Mini. Apart from time trial, the only race it really stands a chance in is Course A against the slowest rival. It has a really high grip level so not suited to drifting. I found it difficult to even get a slide going with it.