Spider-Man: Friend or Foe

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Author(s): xRavenXPxRavenXP
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Publication Date: 19/04/2018
YouTube Release: 22/11/2021
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Player's Review

This is the longplay of Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, based on the comic book series and the first three Spider-Man films, in addition to being released for various platforms (Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 2 versions were created by Next Level Games, Windows Edition was created by Beenox and Portable Versions - DS and PSP - was done by Artificial Mind And Movement!

On any given night, Spider-Man is attacked by his greatest enemies, but the fight of villains and heroes ends up turning into a fight heroes and heroes-villains against villains, as aliens attack the city and kidnap the villains. Near to attack Spider-Man, he is saved by a spaceship S.H.I.E.L.D. by Nick Fury. He shows the hero that a race of aliens the same as Venom, fell to Earth and is now attacking the areas of Tokyo, Japan; Tangaroa Island; Cairo, Egypt; Transylvania; And Nepal. Now, Spider-Man will have to join heroes and villains to destroy Mysterio (the guilty of all aliens), and save the world.

The game bets on cooperative gameplay and puts the Arachnid Hero side-by-side with great heroes and villains of Marvel Comics. The story of the game revolves around an alien army symbiote, similar to what was hosted by Peter Parker (Spiderman) and later by Eddie Brock (Venom).

This is the video of the Nintendo DS version, and frankly this game is not very good like the other versions, all because of its sloppy gameplay, which makes the character catch very easily, not to mention that the game crashes in the last stage and I needed to reset and record this last stage twice in a row and edit the video. Hope you enjoy, I recorded this video completely without any walkthrough, and this is, probably, the first full walkthrough in video.

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