Base Jumpers

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Author(s): NPINPI
System: Amiga CD32
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Publication Date: 29/04/2018
YouTube Release: 21/11/2022
Duration: 01:31:16
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Player's Review

This game exist also for the Amiga 500, but the CD32 version has audio tracks, which means better music!

No matter how silly climbing on a building and jumping from it with a parachute sounds like, this "sport" really exist - base jumping. This game is sort of about it.

00:01:47 Level 1
00:12:39 Event 1
00:15:03 Level 2
00:32:41 Event 2
00:35:21 Level 3
00:50:42 Event 3
00:53:44 Level 4
01:13:26 Field of Screams (final level)

After the ending, the game restarts to level 1 so I lost all lives and got to the high score.

During the game you can collect letters which gives you a message, hat , sprite effect etc. Sometimes they give you a mini game. I went through most of them while playing the game, but some can be accessed only with a password at the title screen

01:22:05 remaining mini games

Also there is a bonus level that can be accessed with the code. In it you can also play most of the mini games, but I just rushed through it.

01:29:34 The Looney Bin