I.Q.: Intelligent Qube


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Author(s): Darius320Darius320
System: PlayStation
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Publication Date: 28/01/2019
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Duration: 01:17:57
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Player's Review

In this puzzle game where a player must improve their IQ skills, the concept of this game is to capture all Normal Cubes as quick as possible before losing opportunities to score a Perfect with 1,000 Bonus Points whether with Brilliant that gives you 5,000 Bonus Points or True Genius that gives you 10,000 Bonus Points. The Advantage Cubes are the keys of clearing multiple cubes in the 3x3 area but the player must make sure that the Forbidden Cubes are not in the marked area which makes it tough to get Brilliant or True Genius Bonus Points and the last row of stage is lost if any Forbidden Cubes are captured. The stages I've done are quite tough, I've done a lot better for this time and the ending sequence can be viewed by completing all stages on Level 1 or higher difficulty.