Brain Dead 13

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Saturn
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Publication Date: 31/01/2019
YouTube Release: 04/11/2021
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Player's Review

Brain Dead 13 is an Interactive movie game produced by Canadian studio ReadySoft that was released for MS-DOS in 1995 and later ported to consoles in 1996.

Lance, a young computer expert, is called to fix a computer at a scary, dilapidated castle. After repairing a large super-computer, Lance learns that his client, the disembodied brain of Dr. Nero Neurosis, has a diabolical plan to take over the world. He quickly finds himself in trouble, being chased around the castle by Dr. Nero Neurosis's psychotic servant Fritz.

The Saturn release is the ugliest version due to being highly compressed onto 1 disc. I generally like these quick time event driven fmv games but this one can be really tricky as its not always clear when to press the button and make a decision. You often have to wait for a very specific moment which is usually .1 second away from a failure point. Very annoying when figuring out the button sequence later in the game as the correct actions need pressing in very quick succession. You do get infinite lives though and in most cases you get to start on the screen you failed on. The outro is a little disappointing given how long the intro is.

I didn't get to show every single room as there are a few in the basement and not needed for game progression. I have added onto the end of the video most of the death scenes I encountered but its by no means all of them in the game.

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