Battle Arena Toshinden 3


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Publication Date: 22/02/2011
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Player's Review

In spite of the success of Toshinden 2, it was clear that the series were lacking compared to the other big fighting games. It looks like they decided to "Tekkenize" the game, thus they changed the gameplay so it was more based on combos than in special skills. The wrong choice they made here was probably that added lots and lots of new (and ugly) characters, which probably alienated the fans of the series. The mediocre graphics and questionable gameplay did the same with the rest. It's not a bad game and the music is as good as in the previous games, but the lack of polish is obvious.

For this walkthrough I played with Judgement in Impossible mode so I could fight against the secret boss Naru. After that, I picked up David so I could show you the rest of the bosses of the game.