A small site update

A small site updateSome small updates have been made to the site this week: * Possible for anonymous users to post comments and post in the shoutbox with verification code. * Recommended movies on frontpage. * Latest released movies on frontpage. * Random question on frontpage. * Random videos with screenshot on movie pages. + a few other things not worth mentioning. edit (090314): * Random C64 movie links on C64 page * Random Amiga movie links on Amiga page * Random comments on frontpage * Recent comments on frontpage edit (090315): * Movie suggestions and latest videos on movie pages. * Ads will from now on only be shown for guests (login and they will disappear). * Comments posted from YouTube now appears for each movie. edit 090411: * Added thumbnail mode. Now its possible to list all movies as thumbnails. There is two options: mode 1 = Showing title screens. mode 2 = Showing in-game shots. Bugs fixed: Now you should not see any "ads by Google" if you are logged in.
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