Visual Overhaul

Visual OverhaulHi everyone! We thought you'd be happy to see some change around here, so we have made some cosmetic updates. We hope you'll like them. Oh! And we have a new WOL logo hanging up there too! Enjoy! It was also high time to fix some glitches, so you'll be pleased to know the longplay voting system should now be operational. We are currently working on that timeout that forces you to login again and again. I'm sure you'll notice when it starts working properly. ;-) Just for good measure, we have thrown in some more enhancements, free of charge. The number of unread personal messages should now appear in the left column, which makes PMs quite a bit more useful. You now have a direct link to our YouTube channel in the top menu. Oh! And while you're looking at the menu, you may notice a link to our online shop that's selling some goodies for you hardcore fans! If you spot any issue, feel free to tell us in the forum. have fun! That's it for now. Happy New Year and everything!
JonL February 01 2011 2,031 Print