Correct video cropping

Last updated on 3 years ago
Hi everyone!

I'm working on my longplay of Picture Puzzle for MSX.

In the process of video editing, I encountered the problem of correct cropping: different width of black borders. In regular gameplay borders are wider than in main menu and puzzle select screen. I can crop video keeping resolution 256x192 in native resolution (after cropping video will be doubled with nearest neighbor algorithm).

Here are the links to some screenshots:

- main menu:
- puzzle select screen:
- regular gameplay:

But I can crop video to 204x188. Here are examples:

- main menu [204x188]:
- puzzle select screen [204x188]:
- regular gameplay [204x188]:

What do you think folks, which variant is correct in this case? It's very important for me to know.
You can crop it so it matches the first set of images and it will be fine
OK. Thanks Spazbo4!
Crop to the point where nothing is lost. If that means large menu but gameplay with borders, so be it. The final resolution does not matter. Never try to encode to a specific resolution. It just needs to be 2x after cropping.
Got it.
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