(16906) Amiga 1200: Maria Renard's Revenge (Ironclaw)

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Title: Maria Renard's Revenge
System: Amiga 1200

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Download Link Changed: https://archive.org/download/Ironclaws_Amiga_Stuff/Amiga_1200_Longplay_-_Maria_Renards_Revenge_-_EU_-_PD.mkv
Admin Approval Changed: Approved
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Download Link Changed: A new and free Amiga game, developed in the Scorpion Engine.

It's a very short game, only 4 short levels, and the bosses die too quickly and easily. So, I really took my time on each level, didn't quite just rush through, even goofed around on some of the bosses to make them last a bit longer. Still only a 9 minute longplay, and that's including the intro/outro and waiting a bit at the main menu for the spooky tune to play a bit before I started level 1.

Also, at 04:08, I noticed I could jump up into the ceiling and while up there run to the end of the level. I don't want to use "exploits" and stuff in games, and was thinking of skipping it and add it in one of the typical "extras" videos I sometimes do for my longplays, where I show stuff in a separate video that I didn't show in the longplay, but... as the level is so short anyway and the stuff below isn't much of a challenge, I at least ran for a bit up there and jumped back down shortly after, so I didn't go all the way and didn't have to make the extras video.

And yeah, massive clicking/popping in the audio, which some games get way more than others in WinUAE (emulator). The music/sound files are fine of course if played in an external player. Another thing this game got (which is kinda rare), mainly the "Intro" part is a high frequency beep in several places, starting at 00:37. Again, the music module plays fine in an external player of course, and all other videos I checked of this game on YouTube have all the same beeps/clicks/pops in the same places. So kinda easy to see which recordings were from emulation :). Also, the volume of the game is pretty low (not the fault of the emulator), normally I amp the volume a bit if needed, but didn't bother this time.

Can be downloaded here: https://z-team.itch.io/maria-renards-revenge

00:14 - Credits/"Intro"
01:04 - Level 1
02:44 - Level 1 boss
03:16 - Level 2
04:55 - Level 2 boss
05:09 - Level 3
06:30 - Level 3 boss
06:52 - Level 4
07:47 - Level 4 boss part A
08:22 - Level 4 boss part B
08:43 - Outro
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Title Changed: Maria Renard's Revenge (Public Domain)
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Additional Info Changed: PD
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