Request Longplays for Atari Jaguar Games

Last updated on 12 years ago
So far there are no longplays for atari jaguar games for this site or youtube yet. This is the first request I'm going to make for this platform. I like to see the following games for the atari jaguar games (only the ones that are playable) as longplay:

Missile Command 3D (with some graphical glitches)
Tempest 2000 (fully playable)
Atari Karts (playable with no sound)
Bubsy: In Fractured Fairy Tale (fully playable)
Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls (fully playable) (Arcade mode and Quest Mode)
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (fully playable)
Doom-Evil Unleashed (fully playable)
WolfenStein 3-D (fully playable)
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (fully playable)
I-War (playable with graphical problems)
Flashback (fully playable)
Ultra Vortek (fully playable)
Pinball Fantasies (fully playable)
Kasumi Ninja (playable but may crash)
Baldies (fully playable but may still crash)
Fight for Your Life (playable but may crash)
Rayman (playable with no sound.

There are only 2 emulators availabe for this platform, which are; Project Tempest (the only working emulator) and Virtual Jaguar.
Rayman would be awesome to do. Sadly I dont know any Atari Jaguar emulators with Avi recorder(Never played Jaguar games)
Recording is not problem, there are many ways to record without emulator built recorder, but I've never played any of Atari games too, maybe somebody will record something
Sic Parvis Magna
Sadly, Project Tempest seems like it's the only working emulator as I couldn't get the virtual jaguar to work. Some of the games I listed does not seem to work but I had fun playing Tempest 2000. Project Tempest has no built-in avi recorder so it will need fraps to record. So I'm going to update my previous post to show the list of games that are playable. Lemmy556, Rayman is playable on project tempest emulator but no sound so I would consdier doing Bubsy in fractured fairy tales (not the same as the snes/genesis version as it's a different series) since it's emulated perfectly.

For Rayman, I would consider doing it on the ps1 or sega saturn emulator instead.
Rayman worked with Project Tempest,but it was slow and soundless(as you said) I think of doing Saturn or GBA version soon of Rayman..
Lemmy, Can you do a playthrough of Bubys in Fractured Fairy Tales on Project Tempest Emulator? That game is fully playable and there's sound. Since there's no built-in avi recorder, you will to use fraps or similar game recording tool to record? Can you also do Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls (Billy and Jimmy Lee on the Arcade and Quest Mode) on the project tempest emulator?

I would do Rayman on the ePSXe or sega saturn emulator instead of GBA since qaulity wasn't that great as GBA hardware has very limitations.
I keep those in my mind. I already have some ideas for screen recorder..
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