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Hey all, I'm Jeankepler from Keplerplaytru and I'm really glad I found this site, and I want to contribute with it.

I can like a game for many reasons, a good strategie game the gameplay and graphics/sound then it's story. For a shooter, since there's so many on the market, only those who have all right like Crysis or Half-life I play. But I also love the stories, graphics and sounds of adventures like Syberia and The Dig. Well, when I've finally got my own PC, installed in my room so I could play games without being interrupted and really immerse on the atmopsphere of the game, eventhough it was a really powerfull PC that can play Crysis on almost it's maximum, the first game I really played to the end was The Dig.

I think I have the longplay style of playing. I always liked to play games slowly, reading (almost) all dialog, stopping a lot of times just to listen the music or apreciate the view. So be expecting some work from me soon.

Just one questiong, I saw some games here, and eventhough I don't see this on FAQ I wanna know if games here can/should have commentary along with it or not. Not that I really inted to play all the games with commentary, just to know, I may do a creepy horror game (dead space) and I may play with comentary, but thinking now, that may ruin the atmosphere, who knows then...

Games on the line to be played:

Dead Space; horror

Lost Horizon; Indiana Jones, movie style adventure

Halo: Combat Evolved; The first one of the series, nice story and very fun to play.

And some time later:

Portal 2; The sequel of one of the best games ever.

Half-life 2 Ep 3; The sequel of one of the best games ever.

Crysis expansion; The sequel of one of the best games ever.
Hi Jeankepler or should I say Keplerplaytru..And welcome to the World of longplays..I really liked yor description how you play games..The more detailed the gameplay is,the better it is...I like to see games played showing the secrets of it..And humanly mistakes,like losing a life when your just about to make it,somehow make me feel like it would be been played as I watch..It really adds the excitement that some flawless speedplays dont have..Im looking forward to see your work...
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