Challenge, The Legaia series.

Last updated on 13 years ago
I've been a big fan of all of your work. I have a challenge, not a request. Maybe that should get your attention. I had tried to get even a one word reply before, but to no avail. These games are masterpieces, I hope that they could be done right.

Legend of Legaia, for the Playstation 1, and Legaia 2, Duel Saga for the Playstation 2.

They are unique RPGs as they focus on fighting arts (punching and kicking) and summoning creatures you have defeated in combat. They are turn based like the Final Fantasy series, but specifically like FFX as no actions happen until you make your decisions.

I would assume these would be up RickyC's alley, he does like his RPGs doesn't he?

I should warn whoever does take this challenge, If you're not careful, these games could wind up being your new favorites. Try to enjoy them, I did.
I'm a RPG person, too. (my PS2 collection is mostly RPGs.)
I have Legaia 2 (wasn't aware of a second Legaia game until I saw it for...5 dollars used? GameStop. Gimme dat!) Sadly, I haven't beat it yet. =/ (it is one of many games that needs to be completed) Was playing it, then Ape Escape 3, then Mana Khemia (still haven't completed), then a 360 came into the picture with Infinite Undiscovery...yeah.

Unless no one is going to do it, I am willing to take a shot at it. Dunno if I will be able to do the gauntlet thing. Too many fights, man. >_<
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