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Last updated on 13 years ago
Hi guys, there is a list of my futur longplays.

Working On



- Dead Space 2
- Beyon Good And Evil HD 100%
- Okami 100%
- Heavy Rain
- Asura's Wrath
- CSI: Deadly Intent

Next Game

- (Xbox 360) Red Dead Redemption 100%

See you soon :-)

I have been planning to do both Bioshock 1 +2 and Lego harry Potter (lego Harry Potter is on my list I don't remember if I put Bioshock 1 + 2 there though.) But what about Dead Space 1?

Edit: I had Bioshock 1 + 2 on my List :-P

And btw how were you planning on recording those games? I take it you were going to record from a PS3? if so what kind of capture device do you have? (Just keep in mind that Dazzle and HD gaming is not a good combination)
Ok, so i drop off Bioshock series and Lego Harry Potter

I think dead space 1 is on someone list too but i'm not sure.

I will record my games on xbox360, exept God Of War III and Heavy Rain of course.

I have a Hauppauge HD PVR, you can take a look here.

Ok, I thought you would do all on PS3 since God of War III and Heavy rain are exclusive to that system :-) The Happauge HD PVR is great I use that myself :-D So we will be looking forward to seeing Red dead Redemption, will you do the standalone Zombie game as well? :-P
Yes, i will do the standalone, also 100% of course :-D.

That's gonna be a looooong game.

I saw you'r fallout 3 longplay (very nice btw), you recroded it in 720p? 1080i? what is the better choice?

Any tips for enconding?
720 P is more than enough, for encoding I would use the basic megui profile, and just change the bitrate from 30 to 28 or 26 try encoding some short segments and go with the one that looks the best. I generally try to get around 2500 kbps in the final video (recording at 13.5 Mbps with the pvr though) otherwise feel free to come to the irc and ask for advice there.
Ok, thank you for your help :-)
What about Dante's Inferno? Will you be going for all the Power Ups? :3

I think that would also qualify it as a 100% run, but I'm not sure..

Never played the game since I don't have a PS3 or a 360.
For Dante's Inferno, i will collect:

- All Beatrice's Stone
- All Silver Pieces
- All Holy and Unholy Relics
- Absolve All Damned
- Collect All Virgil commentaries

I will also Max Out the Holy Path because the power of the cross is very powerfull.

So, yeah, it's gonna be a 100% :-)
First Post Updated :-)
Ok, Beyond Good And Evil is finished.

Next one is Dante's Inferno.
Awesome! :3
is that beyond good and evil on the ps2 or the HD rerelease?
It's the HD release.
Some games added in the first post!
Ok, i have an issue with my Dante's Inferno Cd.

My 360 won't read it anymore.

I will start another LP for now and will try to find out the problem with Dante's.
That really sucks. Hopefully you can remedy the situation.

I was looking forward to that LP. :/
Ok, my 360 won't read the Dante's Inferno DVD anymore, so, i can't continue right now.

Instead, I have started the God Of War III LP.

Game list Updated.

I removed some games for now and added 2 games.

L.A Noire and Okami.

See You.
Okami is great game, release date for uncharted 2 LP maybe? :)
Sic Parvis Magna
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