Request - Golden Sun 1 & 2 (GBA)

Last updated on 13 years ago
I would like it if someone were to play the original two Golden Sun games. I no longer have a Gameboy, and I want to play Dark Dawn, but I want to see what happened in the two original games (especially the first) before I go ahead and play Dark Dawn.

If someone were to do this, I would deeply appreciate it.
I loved the first longplay Tsunao.

EDIT: They were both great. Lotta Djinn abuse though ;)
That would be great, Tsunao. I, for one, would enjoy a complete experience of at least the first GS. I know that the second one is pretty much ignored in Dark Dawn, so I'm concentrating on that first one.

Every LP I see on Youtube is of a horrible quality, too.
I was actually thinking about doing the series (well, maybe just GS and GS:TLA). Another 20 hour monster for me to beat.
Golden Sun isn't that long IMO. Golden Sun: TLA is a bit longer than Golden Sun, especially since it has more content than Golden Sun.

If I am not lazy, I can probably complete GS in a week or so. (not much to do in the game other than grind to about 35 by abusing RNG and getting powerful equipment through RNG abuse.)
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