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Excellent timing...

My PS2 had an epic fail last night and now refuses to read any disc at all. So, until I upgrade my capture-computer enough to be able to run and record at reasonable framerate (I get 30-40 now, which is excrutiating, especially the sound), I need to put FF12 on hold.
Savor the anticipation.. :)

Dunno about "the best", but I think it's rather good and often underrated. It's rather big though, I'm expecting 30-50 hours of video, which will take me more than 100 hours of playing to achieve, plus probably another 100 editing and encoding.
awww come on
people say its the best part in the series, and i dont know proper lets plays on yt. :-(
Very, very slowly. :)
how is your ff12 longplay going?
really waiting for that one
I am trying that right now. The program says it will take 24 hours. Is it possible to stop and resume the next day?
Anyway, it seems to be working wonders. Thank you for the help.^_^
Have you tried using a download accelerator like DAP? You would have to "left click" on the button that says "Right Click" To save as though. I would generally recommend using an accelerator for larger files as they tend to take a long time otherwise B)
Geek Power!

I would like to inquire a little bit about you video of MGS: Peace Walker. But I first want to thank you for doing it. World of Longplays is the place where I have been able to enjoy most of the series, especially thanks to RickyC, but now also thanks to you Connor.

However, how do you intend that people should watch this playthrough? I tried to download the 18 Gb file, but the downloader decided it was finished after almost 5 Gb. This tok me 4 days.

Any thoughts?
lol true XD
Well, one last update. Removed everything, I'm done for the time being. Had some that I would have liked to do, but I'll be damned if I'm going to spend 100+ hours on doing something that someone else has already done, whether it's "allowed" or not. I've got better things to do.
WHAT BUT THAT'S REALLY IMPORT- I mean of course I was talking about the story DLC. :verycool
Depends a bit on what they release. Story-DLC I'll probably do, but I'm not going to run around with Serah in a bikini... :)
Will you be doing the FFXIII-2 DLC?
Small update, since U3 is done. I've started on R&C: ACiT, perhaps halfway through and recorded most of the VC DLC (haven't decided if I should include some of the story-less battles (Hard and EX Hard skirmishes and Edy challenges) or just the two Selvaria and Edy stories).

After that, I'm taking a break by playing Dragon Age II and FF13-2 "on my own" before doing another LP. Not sure what it will be though, probably either a PS2 game (Disgaea or FFXII) or go straight for FF13-2.
Yeah, you could use them.
Question: Does anyone care about/use the optional subtitles I wrote for some of my previous LPs? I don't mind doing them, but they do take a couple of hours, and if no one cares I can spend that time on something else.
Probably Normal+Hardcore with all DLC available. Haven't really decided how to approach that Longplay yet, though, what with all the different builds possible. Also, it's a huge undertaking, so it will probably take quite some time.
Oh, well, never mind then. :-)

And about New Vegas. Do you intend to do a Very_Hard/Hardcore run or just a Normal one? Do you intend to include all 4 DLCs?

Probably not. I only record games I have, and in my bookshelf is only the original XII. However, it will be a loooong time before I do it, so perhaps someone else will jump in and do it instead,
I see you are planning to record Final Fantasy XII.

Any chance you might consider recording "director's cut" ("Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System" with fan patch for English text) of this game instead?
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