Diablo II longplay

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I would like to do a longplay of Diablo II (only game I currently have in english), but I have seen a speedrun of this game with all quests done in all three difficulties, and I am surely not this good nor this fast, so I am wondering wich pace to keep while playing it: a normal play, doing all quests, looking for items and wandering about would be good, or will it be too annoying? That would mean a lot of time running around killing monsters...
I know that a longplay its not a speedrun, but all quests in all levels means 100% of the game, so I got a little... upset about this.
Any thoughts?

Just choose one difficulty that you're most good at, and play and try to get as many from the game as it's possible, no matter how much you roam around, and if you feel you can cut out some long and repetitive parts, when we were recording Diablo we had to go to town about million times and we recorded all that, and going to town is so boring, and some levels of the dungeon are also so damn dull and boring but still we finished it, so try to get most out of the game, and do it anyway you think it's good, people who are interested will watch it for sure ;)
Sic Parvis Magna
The game is pretty easy on the lowest difficulty. Which reminds me that I need to install the game again and hope it works right on Windows 7 64bit...
@ Kitsune - I can tell you from experience that Diablo 2 will play just fine on Windows 7 64 bit :)

As far as going through this one trying to achieve 100% completion it could be an extremely time consuming task. As a long time Diablo 2 ladder player there is a lot more to this game then simply completing the main quests of the game. When playing on Hell difficulty there are several items that drop off of some of the "super-unigue" bosses in the game. These items are keys which can use to summon a portal to one of 3 "mini-uber" bosses. You must collect enough sets of these keys in order to defeat all 3 of these bosses. Each of these 3 bosses drop a different organ that you must transmute to summon a portal to "uber-tristram" where you fight insanely overpowered versions of the 3 main game bosses and waves of minions at the same time. (Think of this as a several month commitment)

All this of course is assuming you are playing on the ladder and with the Lord of Destruction expansion.

If you just plan on doing a playthrough on normal and completing all the quests that come standard you could easily polish this one off after a day of play. I would pick a character that does a lot of AOE damage like a necromancer with corpse explosion or a sorceress as this will speed up your run by a huge margin
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