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I am really sorry if this is an easy question, I am under the impression that every movie you have here you can download?

I just became a member and when I try to download the SNES mario bros, nothing downloads, it just plays through quick time in a new window.
I thought it could download it to my laptop.

Thanks, and again sorry for any inconvenience. I looked around and couldn't find an answer.

Tsunao you have pop-ups allowed on your browser? If you don't, do that. Also, did you click "click here" on the message If the download not begin automatically please click here.

I am able to download with no problems (with pop-up enabled AND clicking on "click here".)

If that still doesn't work, here is the LP archive page. Just download it from there.
All you do is click on the link and a download window pops up right? I set my browser to allow pop up from here and still nothing. I went to that link that you gave me and I clicked on download and still brought me to the page. Plus I was looking for SNES Super mario bros not Mario World, but either way same thing.

However, I right clicked and it's downloading. I thought it specifically said that I shouldn't right click?
Right clicking probably wouldn't do anything.
It might be your web browser. I managed to get a download going for clicking "Click here", the automatic download, and the Main Site thing.
I do remembering having a similar problem.

Should've said Mario All-Stars, yo. (or me having fail comprehension.)

Since it doesn't work for you for some unknown reason, here's a linky to the archive page.
It is popping up now for most of them! And Thank you. Some of them are MKV's which is fine I guess I can just convert them.

Thanks again! If I have any more questions, can I just reply to this thread?

O and btw, I love this site!
Depends. Maybe make another thread.

Oh, and I do remembering MP4 files being played automatically or something (happened to me when I was trying to download Dino Crisis to upload on cubex55...which I STILL can't do. >_>) MKV files are no problem.

If you need something to play MP4 and MKV files, I suggest VLC Media Player.
Some browser auto-play media when clicked on, not really possible to get rid of that "feature". Right-clicking is ok, the text saying you shouldn't do it is old and incorrect, from before we used, I believe.
Oh ok thanks!
How do you download longplays like Final Fantasy 13? I tried to download several longplays bigger than 2 gigs, they keep getting trimmed to exactly 2 gigs every time. If it matters, I use Google Chrome.
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Well, like I said in the shoutbox, it could be the filesystem format, although I find that quite unlikely, since you'd need to have an ANCIENT computer that probably couldn't playback a 720p video anyway.

But to make sure, you could open a command prompt, change to a directory with a 2gb file in it (cd c:\my\dir\with\the\file\in\it) and then type "copy + new4gbfile.tmp" and see if you get a new 4GB file or if the new file is also 2GB. (Replace "" with the name of your file, oviously.)

If the new "new4gbfile.tmp" is 4GB large, something is wrong with your download and you could try different browsers or download managaers. If it's only 2GB, there is indeed a problem with your hd and you'd need to either convert it to FAT32/NTFS, or (perhaps simpler,) get a new hd (external, for simplicity) and make sure it's formatted to FAT32 or NTFS, and use that are the target for downloaded files.
I hate to do this, but I had tried to download the longplays directly to an external hard drive, and it was pre-formatted to NTFS. My laptop is fairly new too, Windows 7 is on it, I have the ability to play HD videos on it as well. I'm afraid to say that this is probably the kind of problem that will take forever to figure out. My comp's stats are these:

My CPU is an AMD Dual-Core E-350. My screen is a 15.6 inch HD LED LCD. I have an AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphic display adapter. 3 GB DDR3 Memory.

Does any of that help?
Me: "Just had an epiphany, being in a chatroom with gamers is like an "It's Pat" sketch, only longer and with a lot more people."
That should definitly be capable of both downloading and playing videos from this site.

Have you tried downloading with another browser, or with some kind of download-manager?
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