Even more Longplay Requests

Last updated on 11 years ago
Here are more requests I thought of:

-Rivirera: The Promised Land: This one can be played either on the Game Boy Advance or the PSP. But I prefer the PSP one since it has voices in it. I tried the game, and it is pretty tricky, maybe hard since you need to micro-manage your inventory and can only carry a certain amount of items. You may need to experiment a little to find out what items would be best kept for any battle. Also try to search for any hidden items and pass the mini-games, both could make the adventure possibly easier. Also the game has several endings, depending which girl you end up with in the end. Again edit your videos so we don't have to see the same gameplay over and over again like the 9 persons, 9 door, 9 hours longplay.

Megaman Battle Network: Pretty much an RPG game series. Try to get all items and upgrades, edit if some take a loooong time to get in random battles. I suggest the first game in the game series as the first longplay.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorny

-Blener Bros (Brothers): An interesting platformer game

-Megaman and Bass: I know it is on the Gameboy Advance, but I think it was on another system. Go through game with both characters. Good luck collecting enough Bolts or whater for buying items

-Rocket: Robot on Wheels: A Fun Adventure Platform game. Can be a little tricky. Try to collect all tickets, upgrades and whatever else

-Glover: An interesting Adventure Platform Puzzle game. It's a little tricky. Careful with the ball, if you lose it by it being destroyed or falling in a pit, you lose a life. Try to collect everything

That is all for now. Good luck on any of these games
I recommend Megaman Battle Network, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorny, and Megaman and Bass.
wait didnt they already did megaman and bass
If you don't know don't guess. - ArchMage (Gargoyles)
If they did, my bad.
No. Mega Man and Bass (or Rockman and Forte) isn't in the database. It is up for grabs.

Fun fact: Mega Man and Bass was released on SNES and GBA. It got an official English release as the GBA version. SNES version stayed in Japan as usual with games.
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