Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I and II

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Since the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming out, can somebody put up a longplay of either the PC or Xbox version of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic I? And if they have a lot more time Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II?

The canon version of the games would be appreciated.
Male, Light-side for KOTOR I
Female, Light-side for KOTOR II

I guess side-quests could be featured in the longplay as something optional, but they'd take up too much time for whoever is recording the longplay and won't be crucial for understanding the games' stories. Side-quests would be welcomed, but won't be missed.

There's a lot of dialogue in the game; I've seen many walkthroughs online where players just rush through dialogue leaving no time for me to read the dialogue choices and it's even worse when players skip what NPCs have to say. I'd appreciate it if all the necessary dialogue be included in the longplay (like the Kingdom Hearts longplay).

I've never played KOTOR I, and I've had an extremely hard time trying to get it for the Xbox (my PC is horrible). If a longplay could be done for this game, I would appreciate it.

For KOTR I, I suggests going as a scoundrel and getting a high persuade, since I believe it the most critical skill in the game. Then you should become a Jedi Sentinel because of balance between force and battle and immuity to some force powers.

For KOTR II, go as the Jedi Guardian and again, get a high Persuade.

Maybe ScHlAuChi could do this game.
I don't think it's ScHlAuChi type of game.
Folie à plusieurs.
Also, this wouldn't need to be a 100% walkthrough. It could just be enough to understand the main story.

However, a key aspect of the game is gaining influence with party members and making party members into Jedi. Trying to get as much influence with all party members as possible while still playing as a Light Side character would be appreciated.
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