some more Longplay Requests

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Been thinking of other games I like to see as longplays. Here is the list:

-Blackthrone: A unique game for the SNES and I think the Sega Genisis as well.

-Sonic 3 and Knuckles: A new version of someone playing Sonic and Tails and for extra, just Tails. Surprised nobody has done it. Of course, it would be nice to collect all the Chaos Emeralds and the super ones as well.

-Sonic the Hedgehog 2: A new version of playing as Knuckles

-Arc Rise Fantasia: A RPG game for the Wii

-Fire Emblem series: A Stragety RPG series, I suggest starting the DS one first, but I doult it matter what order it is done, since they are each their own story, except the Gamecube and Wii one in that order based on systems

-Fragile Dream: A light RPG Game. Tried to play it, it was pretty confusing and boring. If nobody wants to do it, I'm ok with that.

-Klonoa Series: A 2D platformer series with 3D graphics. I suggest starting with the first game

-Okami: An excellent Adventure game. Surprised nobody has done it



Sonic 3 and Knuckles

But...Sonic and Tails would be the same--*searches Genesis section* Nevermind. Sonic wasn't done, but...Sonic & Knuckles was done as Sonic so it MIGHT be the same. Then again, it NEEDS a Sonic (and Miles "Stop helping me!!" Prower.) and Tails solo (Super Tails. :3)
Someone might get to it (or me, seeing as the game really isn't long.)


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 as Knuckles

More like Sonic 2 & Knuckles. I'm surprised this wasn't done. Didn't noticed. VERY hard game (just Knuckles)


Fire Emblem

Some of them have their own story like the GC and Wii ones.
Fire Emblem 6 (Sword of Seals) and Fire Emblem 7 (Blazing Sword) are connected.
Fire Emblem 1 and 2 are connected (both have DS remakes.),
3-5 (Thacia 667 or something like that, Genealogy of War, and some other one. Iunno) I believe are connected (too lazy to search).
8 (Sacred Stones) really isn't connected to any other ones.

Someone did request this, but with all battle animations (I expect a 100 hour video if that is the case).



Someone has started one of the greatest PS2 games no one played (don't care for the Wii version due to Waggle controls). If anyone is curious: it is kinda like Zelda, but you play as a goddess in a wolf's body (in a nutshell).

Someone around here might be able to do the Wii Games mentioned: Arc Rise Fantasia (a RPG), Klonoa (Wiimake of the first one.), and Fragile Dreams. Doubt anyone can do the Ps2 ones. It is possible someone might do the original PSX and the GBA one.
don't forget Blackthorne was on PC and GBA too.
i am a big fan of your longplays, i also have a request. Can you do a walkthough of agatha christie murder on the orient express? Much obliged and keep up the good work!
I recommend Fire Emblem.
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