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I can probably deliver G-Darius (I'm the only one doing the series around here). It will be the PSX version. (Arcade is playable on Mame, but no sound and the PS2 version, which is based on the Arcade version, is impossible due to no PVR)

But first...Darius Gaiden!
Updated and more detailed list:
(Note that I am saying them again so they aren't forgotten)
Batrider (As Tag-T, no miss, advanced course, world version)
Time Crisis 3 (Story mode and Rescue Mode 1cc each, especially rescue mode)
Time Crisis: Crisis Zone (Story mode and alternative mode, 1cc each)
Time Crisis (Story mode and special route, 1cc each, good ending on special route)
Ninja Assault (All four game modes, 1cc each)
Vampire Night (All civilians rescued, 1cc)
Giga Wing (Arcade, Isha/Porchika-her missiles are heat seeking and she is great all around fighter that is good against killing bosses, there are no english playthroughs with her solo ending on yt currently)
Fever SOS (Type B)
Batsugun Special (Type B, player 2 if you can)
The House of the Dead 2 (PC, 1cc, no civilian deaths- bonus room)
The House of the Dead 3 (PC, 1cc, G rescued all times- bonus room)
Master of Orion (Psilons, blue, simple)
Master of Orion 2 (Psilons, blue, easy, victory by destroying Antares)
Bust a Groove 2 (Shorty)
Samurai Shodown 5 Special (Rimururu, if you want, set level to 4)
Shienryu Explosion (Both EX conditions achieved)
Dodonpachi Resurrection (EU version of Dai-fukkatsu, Xbox 360, strong style, ura loop completed, no miss if you can)
Strikers 1945 (P-51)
Strikers 1945 2 (Flying Pancake)
Striker 1945 3
1945 K 3
X-Men vs Street Fighter (Ryu and Cyclops or Chun-Li and Wolverine)
Marvel Heroes vs Street Fighter (Ryu and Cyclops or Chun-Li and Wolverine or Sakura and Hulk)
Sengoku Ace (Miko)
Sengoku Ace Episode 2 (Junis)
Dragon Blaze (Sonia, there's already a Quaid playthrough on yt and another by Smraedis)
Platypus (no miss)
Platypus 2
I wouldn't mind someone tackling the incredibly difficult Corporation (Amiga, PC, Atari ST) it was also known in the US as Cyber-cop on the Sega Genesis.
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