Battlefield 3 [PC] Progress

Last updated on 10 years ago
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Hello, reidja7 here reporting progress of the Battlefield 3 LP I'm doing. The game will be the PC version.


[color=0000FF]Everything is done![/color] Download link: here
Youtube link: Delayed

Recording [color=009900]100%[/color]
Full playthrough recorded. I am now covering the games Quick-time Events (Press 'E' to not die). The ones where nothing happens until the prompt is pushed will not be included (same outcome either way). The way I see it, the others are like cutscenes with a splitting path of either life or death and I want to include every scene.

I will also be showing off a variety of weapons in the game. Due to the completely random nature of what weapons appear, not every weapon/scope combination will be shown. I have tried earnestly to use every weapon at least once, however.

The audio mix can be chaotic, so subtitles will be turned on so nothing is missed. The game's realistic lighting will make some things hard to see in dark levels. As per recording rules, I will not be adjusting gamma and brightness. Everything is left at standard values, graphics on max.

Editing [color=009900]100%[/color]
As mentioned before, I am adding both QTE outcomes to the finished levels. Different results will be separated by a short fade to make for seamless viewing. I will also cut any excessively-long loading screens to manageable lengths.

Encode/Upload [color=009900]100%[/color]
Encode complete, upload complete.

It sure has been a while...good to be back. :-D
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