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Take action and sign the petition to stop this thing.
I actually support anti-piracy, but I am against this bill as CISPA shuts off the Internet and keeps it off forever.
I support anti-piracy too, but ACTA, PIPA, SOPA and now this one are all trying to go too far.

PIPA and SOPA are dead, ACTA is virtually defeated. But this one is just an excuse for the government to spy on you for no reason.
The government has gone way too far. This just isn't right. Also, Viacom has appealed it's copyright case against youtube. Either way, they are trying to shutdown youtube just like the feds shut down megaupload. ... n-youtube-copyright-case/
I also don't think this is right. I also think that everyone should sign the petition that helps stop this. We stopped PIPA & SOPA so lets stop CISPA. go here to get to petition please.
I can't stress this enough. This Bill will give Private Companies and the Government free reign to spy on you for as long as they want to, and whenever they want. I'm as much for Anti-Piracy as anyone else, but this is just going way over the line. I urge you to share this information and the link to the petition with your friends, family, and if you have it, on your facebook account. Facebook and Twitter are probably the best ways to spread the information as quickly as possible.

Make sure the information gets around. Two days ago the petition was barely over 150,000 signatures, but it's now over 550,000. We can stop this bill.
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