The HUEG request compilation thread! (Ver. 1.1?)

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I now have an excuse to post!!


...request for a game with a theme of fear.

...Silent Hill? That was already requested! =P
Yeah, I'm an asshole. I just want to have a little fun here. =X
The whole post reminds me of Backstroke of the West (Star Wars Episode III machine translated from English to Chinese to English.).

On a serious note though...

Quote more games should be added to the list.

Make that about one hundred. I was going through the forum yesterday (stopped on the third page) and made a messy compilation in a text file. I'm not even done compiling and deleting what's already on the list and what's not on the list. =P
If anyone is gonna do any of the Grand Theft Autos,i recommended nobody do San Andreas it has some graphic scenes in it
But San Andreas is one of the best games in the GTA series. Most GTA games have some graphic scenes as well. San Andreas can't be different from them.
Not sure if you should remove Mario is Missing. On the list is the PC version, although the NES version is complete.

Mario's Time Machine is already done on the NES, but there is the SNES and PC versions left to do. That should keep.

Remove Kirby Super Star and Call of Duty: World at War.
I eat video games, I sleep video games, I play video games...until I had to work 8 hours.
i'm suggesting that if someone is gonna do Gears of War i recommended doing it in co-op mode controlling both Marcus and Dom
Derp. I missed World at War. =P

Mario is Missing for PC was requested only for Weegee. In the end, I decided to delete it since it was done. Same with Mario's Time Machine.

Shame that Kirby Super Star was finished. I was KINDA in the progress of doing it (in co-op), but my friend hardly visits me, so in the end, it would've been co-op on Spring Breeze and Dyna Blade and solo all the way. Boring for the audience. Plus, I was too lazy to finish it (Great Cave Offensive kinda isn't fun.)
Anyone good with a Saturn Emulator want to try their hand at Longplaying
"Virus" for Sega Saturn. This psychological thriller reminded me a lot of Snatcher.. with snowboards.
Weird game.
?"Work is for people who can't play games!" - Billy Mitchell
done with Out Run (PCE). Played 5 times to get all the 5 endings. Will encode it and upload as soon as I fix my computer...
Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems for the SNES has been completed.
I eat video games, I sleep video games, I play video games...until I had to work 8 hours.
List cleaned a bit.
-DoDonPachi Resurrection (I forgot. ^^;)
-Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems
-[d]Xenosaga[/d] Jesussaga Episode I
-Dead or Alive 4

And some other miscellaneous stuff.
Please do a LP on WETLANDS.
Have a lot of memories from this "impossible" rail shooter back when I was a kid. Loved the cutscenes and environments. Played it on PC. Cant find it / download it now however :(
Hi ummm I have a request for you, a BIG REQUEST Please do a longplay of Diddy Kong Racing plz!
Alright, I checked, I saw, I ctrl+F'd.

I would like to see a longplay of Osman(Arcade), 'cause I've yet to see a complete video.

I'd also like to see Tetris Plus(Playstation 1) done through its Story Mode, all the levels.

I enjoyed a run of Windjammers, and now I want to see its counterpart, Flying Power Disc(Arcade). I noticed the voices and flags of the characters were different, so I wanted to compare.

Lastly, I'd like to see a run of SegaSonic the Hedgehog(Arcade), played with Sonic, subbed with english. I wish they had 3-players so all three characters could be played.

Would it be possible to see a longplay of Swat 3 done? Preferably the Tactical Game of the Year Edition version?

Thank you!
I'd really like to see a longplay of The Game Paradise(Game Tengoku) for Sega Saturn. Any character is fine. I would like to see some subbing for the dialouge, though.
Megaman X5 is finished so that can be removed
A - I've requested these games, so they can be added on the list.
Cleared list of:
-Final Fantasy III/VI
-Final Fantasy III
-The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Juggernauts
-Wizards and Warriors
-Wizards and Warriors II
-Gargoyle Quest II

-Anything that is a phone game
-Beyond Good and Evil (done for the...360? It is the HD version)

There may be a few that haven't been deleted. The Latest Release page isn't the greatest thing, y'know?

Also: make a separate thread for requests, please. -_-
I should've added to the first post that this thread is for helping me clean the list. Iunno.

Cleared list of:
-Whatever was in the Latest section.
-Metal Gear MSX because we have the NES version. Yeah...yeah...kinda isn't the same, but I dun care!
-Sorcer Striker
-Kingdom Grand Prix
-Dark Cloud
-Die Hard
-Soul Edge
-Urban Strike
-Jungle Strike
-Desert Strike
-Fable III
-Some others I may have missed.

All we need now is Soviet Strike and Nuclear Strike. Mad-Matt bothered a few people. >_> Saying something about "do I see Ironsharp raising a hand?" and said to me "Soviet Strike is all yours." or something along that line. >_>;
I wuv u 2, Mad-Matt.
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