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Ok I want to see some Atari ST games being recorded. It seems to be very easy to record ST games with the SainT emulator.

Download latest Saint
Download games, here are some:


[img width=500][/img]

Its even possible to use savestates!
Doesnt work for me. Could be vista. It opens up a window but it cuts some of the screen off while not letting you stretch the window. Tried forcing fullscreen but it still cuts the screen.
Bad for you! Have you tried to disable vista aero or change res?

One more thing to test: Start emulator in full screen and press F12 (same as in Winuae) and see if you see everything of the gui.

I really hope you can get it working. As recording Atari games is even easier than recording Amiga games! And you can now record all games AGAIN you already recorded on Amiga. As most Amiga games even exists on Atari :)
Many more Atari-St games can be found here:

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Try this.

Or this

Another way.........

Download the best ST emulator, Steem.

Press "General Info" and "Link" section. You will get access to many ftp sites for plenty of games.
Thanks for the links!

Steem seem to be a much better emulator. Most games works there. In Saint only 25% of the games I've tried runs correctly :-(

But the problem with Steem is that you can't record video. Well, you can if you use a screen recorder like Camtasia. But I dont want to do that. (too much editing of the video afterwards).

I have so many games I want to record. But can't because of this! :bigcry
STeem is much better then SainT, just about everything works great when using STeem. They should (off course) have implemented a screen recorder too, the only thing you have is a screen capture for stills. Sometimes you must change TOS for some of the games to work. TOS 1.2 works with most of the games. You can even use STeem for midi if you want, a great emulator and by far the best Atari ST emulator. Well, we can always contact the guys who wrote it and ask for a built in screen recorder.
Last version of STeem was released 2004. So I don't think they are working on it anymore.

I just tried a third emulator > Hatari. Most games runs fine there and It has a video recording feature. But it sucks. It just output .bmp images. So can't use that.

Btw.. some of the games I want to record is games I have played on Amiga before;

Monster Business, Rainbow Island, Prehistorik, Terminator II, Chuck Rock, Mega Twins, Magic Pockets, Baby Jo, Rolling Ronny, Double Dragon series, Silk Worm and many more..
I sent a mail to them, let's see if they reply. :-)
Good! Even if I don't think you will get a reply..

Owell, I'm going to record games that works with Saint for now. But for some reason only lame games works.

I really starting to like ST. Not as much as Amiga but still..
I'm working on recording Atari ST games myself. It seem maybe you've only TRIED LAME GAMES! LEMMINGS WORKS!
Thats great puttputt131! Looking forward to see your recordings :D

Are you going to use Saint?

Here are some games I've tried so far:

Baby Jo - working
Chuck Rock - doesnt work
Double Dragon 2-3 - doesnt work
Dragon Ninja - working
Dynamite Dux - working
Golden Axe - working
Great Giana Sisters - working
James Pond II / RoboCod - working
Magic Pockets - working
Marble Madness - working
Mega Twins - doesnt work
Midnight Resistance - working but no sound in game
Monster Business - working but gfx errors
Ocean Beach Volley - working
Prehistorik - working but no sound in game and broken intro music
Rainbow Island - doesnt work
Rolling Ronny - working
Silk Worm - working
Terminator II - Judgement Day - doesnt work
Thundercats - working
Turrican II - working
Wonderboy in Monsterland - doesnt work
I think it would be a good idea to record:

- An epic scifi RPG from the company that made Dungeon Master. A remake of an old Apple II game. The old version is only on Apple and the new version only on ST, never released on any other systems.

- This is different from the Amiga version. Cinemaware made the ST version after Defender of the Crown, so it has a lot better graphics. I've never played this, so I don't know if the gameplay is also different.
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