Request:Hotel Dusk Room 215

Last updated on 13 years ago
I really wanted to see a longplay for this game. This game is really hard to find.
Dont get me started on how fricking awsome this game is, I borrowed it from someone a while ago, some of the puzzles I had to look up but it was pretty awsome
There is one major problem with recording this game. (And believe me I would love to record it. I really love this game, one of my all time favourites, I actually bought a DS to play it...) That problem is of course that the screens are flipped 90 degrees, and I don't really know how to flip them back to the "normal". You have to remember that you have to hold your DS like a book while playing this game.
That would be great!
This and "Another Code: Two Memories" / "Trace Memory"!
Greeeeeeeeeeeat Games!
As I said, there would be problems with the "flipped" screens of Hotel Dusk: Room 215, so you would have to watch the video sideways, as you cant flip the screens... Otherwise this would have been an absolute must video I think. Shame Really, never played another code so I don't really know about that.
Maybe Ricky can sort this issue out!
It would be so cool if he could. One of the best games on DS in my opinion anyway :-P
Hmm, I know some DS emulators can flip the screen, but last I knew, the performance of Hotel Dusk was pretty bad. Also, I don't know if they support video record either. Keep your hopes up, as computers get faster and emulators get better this one might be possible. :-)
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