Problem MeGui

Last updated on 11 years ago
I have a problem whit MeGui!
I made this AVS file:


Fps=50  # replace by 50 if recording is PAL region.


Subtitle("Beavis And Butt-Head", \
   first_frame=SubsStart, last_frame=SubsStart+SubsDura, \
   y=height-48, size=24, text_color=$ffffff, align=2)
Subtitle("Played By wi3zap", \
   first_frame=SubsStart, last_frame=SubsStart+SubsDura+5, \
   y=height-24, size=24, text_color=$ffffff, align=2)
Subtitle("", \
   first_frame=SubsStart, last_frame=SubsStart+SubsDura+10, \
   y=height, size=24, text_color=$ffff00, align=2)

ConvertToYV12() # Converts to YV12 colorspace for h264

but when i load the avs file in megui i get this error:


MeGui encountered a fatal error and may not be able to proceed.
Reason: (Useless, it's in Italian)

I follow the guide JonL step by step.
I rendered the video whit camtasia using defoult codec for 480p MP4
Can anyone help me?
the first line


should be an .avi file.
still dont work!
i converted the video in mpeg2
it should be an avi file.

of course, you have to use techsmith codec, I don't know what do you mean by default codec.
Intel IYUV codec (both work)
Uncompressed (If you do this I laugh at you)

These 5 (Look at Intel I wrote both) show picture the best without scramble.

Check to see if the video file is actually with the avs file...
As in at the root, in the same folder.
Don't EVER use uncompressed, as the file would be HUGE (1 min of uncompressed is more than 1GB on your hard drive).
I made one simple tutorial to help newcomers in process of encode.


xRavenXP wrote:

I made one simple tutorial to help newcomers in process of encode.

Thanks to everyone, im gonna follow your guide
it's normal a video of over 1gb? its 54 minutes of longplay, i follow raven's guide
The video is in AVI have several Gb yes (about 1.95 gigabytes every 15 minutes using the codec Lagarith for example), but it gets smaller when you pass him by and then the VirtualDub for create a new AVI, and you will pass your new AVI in program MeGUI you will separate video and audio and joins them in MKV format (the name is something like longplay muxed video). Any doubts visit our chat! It seems complicated at first but you soon get used to it and learn to do the best encode for your longplays!
well, at the beginning the video was 700mb, whit virtual dub become 1gb
is it normal?
Depending on what you used to compress with... so yes.
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