Total Annihilation LP encoding questions.

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Hi all, I'm Soul Reaver aka Keplerplaytru.

I'm starting a longplay about Total Annihilation and I wanna know if it's possible to do it with some things:

- The fan patch that let's the game be played in windowed mode, this patch doesn't change the gameplay, just makes the game be compatible with modern pcs and also with video recorders.

- Record with Bandicam, using Lagarith lossless codec. Unlike Fraps, Bandicam keep all the recording footage into one file until you stops the recording, and it's ligther onto the CPU and HD, while still having a very good result.

- Editing and encoding with sony vegas. There's a big problem with recording Total Annihilation: the menu and mission briefing witch are shown before and after the actual game are still put in 640 x 480 at the top left of the screen, thus preventing to record everything right without having to edit it latter. I may be able to surpass this with bandicam screen capture presets, but I really wanna know if its possible to use the handfull Sony Vegas to encode or pre-encode longplays, as the AvySynth script is a real pain in the ass with no previews and experience.

- Last but not least, I would like to ask for permission to do a small upscalling for the youtube version, to be able to display the missions at the great 1080p quality. It would be just a small change of resolution, still keeping the original aspect ratio preserved, and making it look much more close to the original than if the footage were sent with the original resolution then only availible at 720p at best. My recording resolution is 1680 x 1048, thus upscalling the video in the reencode at 1732 x 1080. Instead of having just 1280 x 720. But this is only for YT, for the site we can provide the original resolution.

I'll later provide some footage of what I've got.
Bandicam eh...

I like the way you think, I might be able to record my longplay with it. I just downloaded it after reading the post.

Thanks for mentioning it.
dxtory is also a very good program for recording. your 1680 x 1048 resolution is weird, never heard of it. what aspect ratio is it?

btw, i checked on these sites:

and apparently the game supports widescreen 16:9 by default, so why not record that?
Kieth: Go for it, lookout at google for Lagarith and download the installer, you'll find then this codec availible at Bandicam "Custom Codecs". VLC can't play it back really well, but it's OK with sony vegas.

Just one more thing, you have to ajust the audio setting to PCM codec, for Sony Vegas at least.

Mihaibest: Thanks for the tip about Dxtory, I'll give it a try.

About my res, it's 16:10 with 2 less pixels lost somewhere. I'm setting Bandicam to record all the screen. My original resolution is 1680 x 1050 :) But if I use any 16:9 resolution, it will only be smaller than this one that we already have, and the upscalling would be bigger.

Anyway, I'm facing big problems with Vegas "Too low on memory problems" when I try to encode at 1080p, but I'm just using test rendering with WMV, do you guys know if other codecs are easier on memory? Specially the AVI codecs, so I can maybe make a Lossless full render, and re-encode with the MeGui etc....
Check out the beta recording of the first mission:
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