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It's MadMatty it's in his job desc-
vomits violently

I really need to take my medication.
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Nah its ok, you just tried to be helpful, but people here are pretty allergic towards WMV ;)
Yeah, I'm sorry if this is all wrong. I'm still trying to fix stuff, I just have a habit of using .wmv because it's what I was taught to do from the start.

Alright cool! Thanks for the feedback, I'll start using .mp4.

Thanks everyone :>

@MadMatty I wasn't saying you were doing it wrong. I was just providing a suggestion. Calm down.
Hi CrypticLeo

sorry, but it has been proven countless times in technical comparsions that WMV is inferior compared to H264.
Google/Youtube picked that codec as default for a reason (now to be replaced with WebM for HTML5).
The other reason why we use that codec is because its non propitary and is supported by all plattforms/players unlike WMV.

Take a look at this article:
As you can see, no point for us to use it :)
(sees wmv)
vomits violently

Sorry I'm allergic to WMV.
I think cryptic Leo has nailed it. Several thousand longplays and apparently we've been doing it all wrong, so I for one welcome a change to Sony vegas and Handbreak , low quality small file sizes!

very explaining
such reasoning
much useful

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