Killer 7 (PS2/GameCube)

Last updated on 8 years ago
Requesting a longplay of Killer 7 if anybody would be willing to record one, because it's an excellent game in my opinion that's unfortunately not very well known, despite being the best work of Suda51 I think. I also think it's a really great looking game as well, with a really unique presentation and art style that has me hoping any potential longplayer would play the game through an emulator (PCSX2 for PS2, or Dolphin for GameCube) to make use of higher rendering resolutions to show off just how fantastic it looks. A huge amount of gratitude to anybody who decides to give this a go, especially since it's one of those games that I think everybody should experience in some way :) Thanks!
Ah okay, well thanks! I was going to say though, that playing Killer 7 via PS2 emulation would negate the inferior qualities in comparison to the GameCube version I think (such as load times) and well, the game really does look incredible with the resolution bumped up :) I always hoped Capcom would do a HD release of the game like they have done with some of their other titles, but I guess it wasn't popular enough :(
I've been wanting to do it for some time now, but the PS2 version is unfortunately inferior to the GC version, and Dolphin doesn't work flawlessly with K7. You can choose between "no blood drops" and "no way to know where to aim", which is kind of a drag. I'm checking Dolphin regularly and as soon as it can play K7, I'll do it unless it's already done.

Also, whoever does it will not (or at least should not) increase the resolution, since we're all about getting the original look as close as possible here at
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