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Last updated on 8 years ago
I thought it would be easier to simply put the games I'd be interested in seeing Longplays for on a list. I'll update it from time to time.

It's gonna start out pretty small, though, of course.

Edit: Updated the list with a few more games.


Sweet Home from Capcom. This entry is technically Famicom as it was only released in Japan due to its content. More details on this request in this thread.http://www.longplays.org/forum/viewth...ad_id=3458

Super Pitfall

Adventure Island II

Adventure Island III

Skulls and Crossbones

T&C2: Thrilla's Surfari


Virtua Cop

Virtua Cop 2


Virtua Cop 3


Gex (Wouldn't mind if it was this or the Saturn version)

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon

Twisted Metal

Grand Theft Auto (PC version also acceptable)

Nintendo 64:

Banjo Tooie (Likely XBL version)

Donkey Kong 64


Turok 2

Mission: Impossible

Doom 64

South Park

Gameboy/GB Color:

Wario Land 2

Wario Land 3


Wario World

Tales of Symphonia*

Sonic Adventure DX

Sonic Heroes


Wario Land: Shake it!

Xenoblade Chronicles

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World*

Playstation 2:

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

Remaining Jak & Daxter games (I only remember one being done)

Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, and San Andreas (PC versions also acceptable)

GTA: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories (PSP acceptable, but PS2 ports preferred)

Playstation 3:

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Tales of Xillia

Tales of Xillia 2

Tales of Zestiria

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (ReMix version)

Tomb Raider 2013 (The other platforms the game is available on are also acceptable)

Metal Gear (the original game, not the NES port. Preferably the playable version found in the MGS3: Subsistence pack)

Infamous 1 and 2

Xbox 360:

Tales of Vesperia

Gears of War series

Dead Rising 2

Xbox One:

Dead Rising 3 (Upcoming PC version also fine)

Playstation Portable:

Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Redubbed Dracula X Chronicles version)

Nintendo DS:

Final Fantasy III

Dragon Quest IV

Not specifying a platform. Up to longplayer

Tom Clancy games (Particularly but not exclusively the remaining Splinter Cell games)

Mirror's Edge English playthrough

Far Cry Series

Mortal Kombat X

Alien Isolation

Killzone Series (Sony exclusive)

Strider (2014)

Borderlands Series

*Could either be the original versions or as part of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles on Playstation 3
Well, FFXIII-2 wasn't uploaded all the way due to fear of copyright. BUT, I took a gamble and uploaded all the videos on my channel, save the Secret Ending and one of the Paradox Endings (had to edit it out). Secret Ending video was small anyway: it was the same final boss rush, but done MUCH faster due to max Crystarium.
Playlist (obligatory channel plug!)

As for the games in question: I DEFINITELY want to do Xenoblade, but...it will prolly take FOREVER because of all the content.

As for Lightning Returns: I was going to do the 360 version, but I have to beat it first.
Well, that's good to know. Thanks. :)

Yeah, I've heard quite a bit about Xenoblade's content. If you do get to it, I'll greatly await the release.

As for Lightning Returns, that's cool. I meant to put that either version is fine like I did for Gex. Don't know why I didn't. ^__^'''

Looking forward to it. :)
Some updates for my list.

Playstation Portable:

-Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins

-Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Dracula X Chronicles version)

Nintendo DS:

-Dragon Quest IV


-Tales of Symphonia*


-Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World*

Xbox 360:

-Tales of Vesperia

Playstation 2:

-Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

Playstation 3:

-Tales of Xillia

-Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

-Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

-Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (ReMix version)


-Skulls and Crossbones

Nintendo 64:

-Doom 64

*Could either be the original versions or as part of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles on Playstation 3
Next list update. It's a fairly small one, though.


-Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

-Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon


-Sonic Adventure DX

-Sonic Heroes

Nintendo DS:

-Final Fantasy III
My next request is pretty recent, but I'd still like to see a Longplay.

The new Tomb Raider from Square-Enix. The 2013 reboot, I mean to say.

I don't mind the platform. I'd just like to see this game.
It's been a while, but I'm here with more requests. The stealth genre in particular.

Metal Gear (the original Metal Gear): Would prefer the more recent version. (Such as the one found in MGS3: Subsistence)

Also, more Tom Clancy games. Particularly the remaining Splinter Cell titles. (Hopefully Pandora Tomorrow and Blacklist)

Not specifying platforms for these requests. I'm fine with whatever version the longplayer pleases.

Edit: I just remembered this one.

I'd love a Mirror's Edge longplay too. I know there's one made...but it's in French. I'd like one where they're speaking English if possible.
I probably shouldn't keep posting consecutively....but I think it'd be even more frustrating for longplayers to have to look and figure out what was added that wasn't here before, especially when I categorize most of my requests by platform. ^___^'''

That said...

-Gears of War series. (Xbox 360)

-Dead Rising 2 (Xbox 360)

-Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One....or the upcoming PC version coming this September is also good)
I'm going to do the gears of war series as soon as I get them in the mail
and dead rising 2 coop on pc with ironsharp as soon as we finish another game
If I can't be the best then I certainly won't be the worst.
Pardon this very late reply, but thanks, Spazbo. Very good to know. ^__^

No update this time...but to ask more directly...

Any RPG takers for Sweet Home, the Tales requests, and/or the DS FF and DQ ports I requested?
Well, hopefully, there will be before too long. :)

At any rate, my latest update is underlining the entries in my request list that are done or I know are being worked on. Just a convenient way of keeping track of fulfilled requests.

Though I only underlined those that are to my knowledge. If you're either working on or have uploaded something in my list that I haven't underlined, please let me know. ^___^
I've got two more requests to add.

-The Nintendo 64 version of the original South Park game.

-T&C2: Thrilla's Surfari for NES (a fairly decent game to bear the LJN brand and better than the first one IMO)
Just going to ask...anyone interested in doing any of the games on my list?

I know Tsunao was going to do Lightning Returns when he/she (don't know which. Sorry. ^___^''' ) gets the chance.

Just as a reminder, underlined entries are requests that are done or being done, so those entries can be ignored.

I do have some other requests as well.

-Tales of Xillia 2

-Tales of Zestiria (when it comes out)

-Alien Isolation

-Far Cry Series

-Mortal Kombat X (when it comes out)

Wow. That's probably the most modern game requests I've made thus far. lol
My latest requests (already updated to my OP):

-Twisted Metal (PSX)

-Killzone Series (PS2-PS4)

-Infamous 1 and 2 (PS3)
Yeah, this didn't take very long, but a game I find desperately in need of a longplay. (Okay, not that urgent, but still...)


Blue Stinger
i was going to do alien isolation, but the game is super boring that i didnt make it far in the game
i might do farcry 3 and blood dragon in the future but plan on doing farcry 4 for xbox one whenever i get a copy
If I can't be the best then I certainly won't be the worst.
Alex Kidd
~ We need more Infamous longplays.
- Alex Kidd
i would do them if they didn't give me such a headache just playing the first one
If I can't be the best then I certainly won't be the worst.
Alex Kidd
I see, maybe nextime,
- Alex Kidd
I see more Longplays.
-NES(Family Computer)
Bao Qing Tian(Unlicensed)
Jing Ke Xin Zhuan(Unlicensed)
Thunder Blast Man(Unlicensed)
Burger Time
Famicom Wars

-SNES(Super Family Computer)

-Game Boy and Game Boy Color
MegamanX Cybermission(JP)
MegamanX2 Soul Eraser(JP)
Shawu Story(Unlicensed)
Wario Land2

ZXSpectrum Sinclair
Dynasty Wars
Chuckie Egg
The Hobbit
Daley Thompson's Decathlon

FM Towns
4D Sports Boxing
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